Dragonfly Acres

Bringing out the best  




 We were city folk with five kids. They all grew and moved on, so we bought a farm and horses.   We love it.

I really was excited to be shopping for a horse.  I had had a little red roan as a teenager for a few years, kind of lanky with the tips of his ears missing, his name was Ted E. Bear.  I knew I was blinded by love back then too, as anyone else would have passed him by like a Charlie Brown christmas tree..  

So of course my goal was to find the perfect "Black Arabian".  I did not have any horse savvy back then and realized I really did not know much about the basics....so I decided to take a "clinic".  

I found it to be quite helpful and on the third evening, the instructor anounced that I was the only one that did not currently own a horse.  He asked me then, what kind of horse I would be looking for?  I told him "a black one" there was some chuckles in the class and then he asked "your not really going to buy a horse for its color are you?  I, of course told him " absolutley not, it has to be a pretty black one!"

There was laughter, and then someone said "Why don't you buy a friesian?" The laughter was even louder, I had know idea what a Friesian was.  That night I checked it out on the web.  Holy Moly, they are lovely.  

Sticking with my plan for the black arab, I found an ad in the paper. We showed up on short notice to find that there was lots to pick from. Yes, the black but green arab and another black that caught my eye. When I was told it was half thoroughbred half Friesian due with a friesian babe, I thought somehow fate was telling me something. We bought both mares. The fun began.

We had started our dragonfly collection.  They are named latin names of dragonflies.  As I would visit other horses for sale, sometimes a dragonfly would buz by and I would of course taken it as a sign to bring them home.  I was upto seven and realized there is alot of dragonflies around here.