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Favourite Links


Vintage Riders Equestrian Club: guest speakers, group clinics, BBQ's, with less importance placed on competition and more emphasis on fun. Members are 21+ and all levels/disciplines are welcome.

Olds College in Alberta, has a variety of equine classes, short and long term.
I attended the Horse Breeders School and found it very informative and well run. I recommend it highly.  

If you are going to take a course in Olds, I would also recommend without hesitation, accommodations at  Auberge Brown B&B. Linda and Peter are wonderful hosts, making you feel comfortable and welcome. The breakfast menu is amazing. 





CFHA Canadian Friesian Horse Association.  The perfect registry for Friesian, Friesian Sport Horses and Arabo-Friesians: www.canadianfriesianhorse.ca/




BC Sport Horse & Sport Pony Breeders Group has two shows each year.  In hand and flat classes, bring out your babies or adult horses,  Lots of fun, nice prizes and relaxed environment. 






Trainers we recommend for backing and lessons ( both human and horse)

Sherri and Veli Leviahoo        robichon@dcc.net

Larry Brinker                          brinkers@telus.net                                                               

 Marsoe Larose                      marsoe@attglobal.net  (driving)

Ian Veenendaal                      ianveenendaal@yahoo.com